Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my PAL experience

I never thought that they will call me for an interview since I passed my resume last July. I actually have forgotten about it already. So here it goes, they've been calling and messaging me for an interview since October. But then, I wasn't as interested anymore because that time they called me for an interview I got these bedbugs bite all over my body and I know that they are more strict than other airlines.

A month later, they called back again for an interview schedule. I decided to give it a try and I was scheduled last Dec. 7
I went there around 12:30 and there were around 16 applicants. We were asked to fill up a form and after that Ms. Agnes explained to us the qualifications they were looking for, benefits of a cabin crew and the process you will undergo once you passed the impact interview.

Here's what happened, we were asked to speak in front and say something about yourself. ( anything you would like to share about yourself like hobbies,interests etc..) After that you'll be asked to walk towards them,turn around, then they are going to check your arms and teeth ( not just the front teeth but they will asked you to open your mouth to check whether you have gaps or decayed tooth). And that's it.
At the end, only three got in and unfortunatley, I was not accepted.

In my opinion it was due to that bedbugs bite which left marks on my right leg because they asked me what it was. =(

Still Im thankful for the experience because I learned something new again!

My Advise to those who would like to apply:

be confident as much as possible but don't sound boastful.
make sure you don't have hideous pimples or big scars
Dress to impress and look good.
be poised while talking in front of them


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