Thursday, November 19, 2009

beauty 101- applying foundation

First, before buying a foundation it is important to know which type best suits your skin tone and condition. It should look natural and match your skin.In order to find a "perfect match" for your foundation you must test it on your face. Testing it on your wrist is a “no, no” because your wrist has a different color and undertone than your face. Also, other parts of your body may tan easier or be exposed to the sun more often than your face. Make sure the lighting in the store is close to natural light. Ask for several opinions and test a couple of color shades so you can compare.

Types of Foundation and Their Uses

There are several formulas and types of foundations on the market. The big difference is consistency.

Powder foundation is a smooth, dry formula that is common for oily skin types. The powder helps absorb oil and keeps your face looking smooth and fresh. Dry skin types usually don't like the powder because it tends to have a drying effect and leaves flakes.

Cream foundation has a thick consistency, which is common for dry skin types. It provides moisture and adds luster to dry, tired skin. This type of foundation is often used by middle-aged and older women who like something to "fill-in" the lines. Cream foundation tends to be heavier and provide more coverage. It's best to use a moisturizer first before applying foundation.

Stick foundation is similar to the cream foundation as far as texture. The "stick" design provides a convenient way to transport your make up without an awkward bottle. This formula is often used for touch up jobs and spot treatments.

Liquid foundation is used for all skin types. It is a "universal" formula. You can purchase liquid foundations that are oil-free or non-clogging. This type of foundation is versatile and can come in different coverage levels.

If you know your skin type and know the coverage level you are most comfortable with then you can decide the formula of foundation that will best fit your individual needs. Remember you need a good canvas to start with so use your three step skin care regime (cleanse, tone, moisturize) before applying foundation.


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